I’m Dan Collins,

I specialize in fiduciary real estate brokerage practices to help guide Personal Representatives administering estates through probate. I can help you accomplish all the tasks which your attorney does not help you with – which is most of the tasks! My goal is help you realize the maximum benefit for the major real property assets of the estate you represent in your capacity as an Executor.

You are probably on this site because you are looking for answers, help and guidance.

A relative and/or a loved one has passed on, and you’ve been appointed as an administrator, executor or trustee of an estate.

You have a difficult job that almost no one expects to have, and one that even fewer come prepared to do well.  Maybe you believed that your attorney would handle all the major and minor details, and you’ve just discovered that they won’t.

  • Where do you start?
  • How do you make decisions when beneficiaries cannot agree?
  • How do you fulfill the detailed obligations that are required in your position?
  • What’s your Executor’s fiduciary duty, and how are you expected to conduct the business of the estate?
  • How do you deal with personal property that the family members (you represent) do not want?
  • How do you find small loans to make repairs and maximize the value of the estate’s real property?
  • Perhaps most important of all, how do you equitably sell and divide up the assets when the family members can barely agree on what to have for dinner?

Yes, there are books you can read, including The Executor’s Guide and even Estate and Trust Administration For Dummies.

Those are great resources with lots of useful tips, but such books will only get you part of the way there.

Not everyone has the time or inclination to administer all the details you are obligated to manage, or to dispose of the largest valued assets – real estate – homes or income property.

Quite often, people in your position have no direct background or knowledge about the condition of the home or income property. There may be deferred maintenance or defects and you want a broker – who is also a general contractor – who knows how to protect you during a sale transaction in your capacity as an Executor, Trustee or, Personal Representative.

Sometimes you also need a guiding hand to gently direct you to make better choices and smarter decisions from someone who has direct personal experience in what you are being asked to do.

If you were appointed or are serving as a Probate Personal Representative, Probate Executor/Executrix, Probate Administrator or a Trustee to a Living Trust or other kind of Trust, I have literally stood in your shoes and have personally served in all those capacities.  I understand that your role requires a significant time commitment, and that it comes with real liability for a job that you are likely not going to be adequately compensated for.

I can help you.

If you are concerned that my services will be too expensive or out of reach for a “small” estate or trust, you should know:

  • I don’t charge for helping my clients through the maze of trust and probate issues.
  • I don’t receive any compensation until the largest estate or trust issues are solved and the largest disbursements have been completed.
  • My compensation comes solely from the commission I receive as the licensed real estate broker on the sale or distribution of the estate’s real property; home and/or investment properties.

I am a licensed real estate broker and general contractor with more than 30 years of experience transacting sales of homes and investment class properties – please check my licenses and references.  I work hard to solve trust and estate issues for my clients, and will be fairly compensated only by helping you sell real estate assets.

Yes, you probably could do all the work yourself, hire experts to take care of thorny issues, and engage a “re-sale home” licensed real estate agent to sell property for you.

Or you can hire me, Dan Collins, a fiduciary broker, who comes equipped with all the skills of a standard real estate broker, but who has the in-depth experience and knowledge to navigate byzantine probate and trust requirements.

Why should you fight the battle alone?

I will help you navigate the difficult probate/trust work, and I will do it all for a fair commission rate that is not paid until you receive the money from the property sale transaction.