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Travis Monson is a broker with The Vollman Company, and talks with Dan Collins on his experience in commercial real estate, the future of Rancho Cordova real estate, and more. Learn more about Travis Monson: Travis Monson’s LinkedIn:… Learn more about The Vollman Company: The Vollman Company’s website: Learn more about Dan Collins: Dan Collins’s website: Dan Collins’s LinkedIn:…

Back by popular demand, Ben Catlin sits down with Dan Collins to talk about retail and commercial property. They discuss how the world of retail is changing, Ben Catlin’s career as in retail development, and the many projects he’s worked on. Learn more about Ben Catlin: Ben Catlin’s website:

When passing property from one generation to another, it’s possible to maintain a low property tax base if proper estate planning procedures are taken. In this video, Dan Collins explains how it’s done.

When one sibling becomes a caretaker for mom or dad before they die, that child caretaker often moves in to the family home. Once that happens, the child often seeks to influence the parent to leave the family home to them instead of other siblings. To resolve such matters family members should look for the tell-tale signs of elder financial abuse, and seek qualified legal counsel. Before things get to this stage, it’s wise for family members to come to settlement agreements among themselves without resorting to protracted litigation.

If you’re buying or selling a piece of probate real estate located in a fire zone, it’s well to consider whether the price reflects the total cost of ownership including insurance coverage. This video describes issues you need to consider, and how to mitigate risk.

Check out my latest podcast video with Ben Catlin.  Ben is an expert in commercial and industrial real estate development and has developed more than $1 Billion in property during his career. For more information on Ben, go to his website:

In this video, I describe the process known as Protective Court Proceedings, and what happens when a court authorizes the sale of a conservatee’s personal residence. For more information, call me directly at (916) 215-2042.

If you need to understand how to manage a probate estate involving a conservatorship and real property, please check out my video below. If you want more information, please call me directly at (916) 215-2042.

Please see my latest videos below in which I talk about selling real estate in probate with full authority, and the process by which Probate Courts administer overbids.  As always, if you have questions or comments, feel free to reach out to me directly at (916) 215-2042

Dalton Hepworth from Pinnacle Investment Solutions talks about some of the projects we’ve worked on together since 2009.

Using Emotional Intelligence is a key to getting a favorable outcome in any probate matter. Follow these steps if you want to learn how to effectively manage the difficult job of administering an estate.

Here is why DIY Probate is never a good idea! The story of a woman who wanted to save a couple of dollars by downloading a will online demonstrates how important it is to have good legal advice.

Here are the steps you should take when you get a probate property back after an eviction (see video below).

Please watch my interview with HCS Equity (below), a private money lender in Carmel, CA. In this podcast we discuss how Trusts and Estates can get access to equity in real property.