New Book: Probate & Trust Estate Administration Tips & Tricks

“Daniel Collins has written a valuable book for anyone: professional or non-professional to understand how probate and trust administration operates in the United States. Every State will have its particular Probate Laws and guidelines. What PROBATE & TRUST ADMINISTRATION TIPS & TRICKS provides is a useful road map to maneuver through the complex administration process. This book is a helpful guide and reference in my practice as a California Licensed Professional Fiduciary as well as for persons stepping into a position as a private or court appointed Administrator for the first time. A fiduciary should always be thinking bout liability and risk, how to minimize the risks, and what decisions should be made to protect and preserve Estate assets. Management of an estate no matter the size is subject to the balancing between liability risk and asset preservation, the information in this book provides understanding to professionals or non-professional fiduciaries how to perform their duties so risk is minimized. I highly recommend reading this book before beginning Probate or Trust Administration.’

Debra Rose, JD, CLPF

Owner, Rose Trust & Fiduciary, Folsom, CA

My new book, Probate & Trust Estate Administration Tips & Tricks, has just been published on Amazon in both Paperback and Kindle versions. To order your copy, click on the book cover photo below.

If you’d like to receive a free PDF copy of my book, please contact me directly at (916) 215-2042.

Each video below provides an overview of key topics covered in specific chapters from my book. Watch and learn!