“Dear Daniel, I can’t thank you enough for your expert assistance in this matter. The latest letter on my behalf to get my attorney fees reimbursed is above and beyond, and something completely unexpected.

I am actually amazed they responded so quickly! After the tome of Charlize’s letter I wasn’t hopeful, but the attorney finally got it right, as he did with demanding closing of escrow and release of all our funds.

From your initial locating of Dad’s 2nd mortgage, which saved us $2,500 on that ridiculous form escrow proposed, to taking the time and effort to reach out to Charlize and the title company on my behalf is something I will never forget. It is friends like you that are the best and most beautiful thing in life. All my best to you always.’

Linda Barber, Rancho Mirage, CA

You may ask: What differentiates “fiduciary” real estate services from home “re-sale” real estate services?

A fiduciary expert understands the obligation in administering probate and trusts.

My fiduciary services focus upon specialized estate real estate brokerage services plus the mechanics of executing required fiduciary responsibilities involving Probate Personal Representatives, Executors, Executrix, and Trust Administrators who have fiduciary obligations to beneficiaries and the Probate Court.

Estate property sales often require special circumstance services such as unlawful detainers, property management, emergency repairs, construction management, securing non-recourse loans, securing building permits for unpermitted additions, code enforcement correction actions, and a host of other scenarios that arise when selling estate properties. Your typical agent who re-sells homes for people who are living often lack these requisite skill sets.

The services I provide go far beyond what a traditional real estate broker provides, even though both of our compensation is a sales commission.  experts that work with me. Here is the good news; you can use me and my team and, you will receive all these specialized services just by listing your estate’s real property for sale with me.

You will likely use a real estate agent to sell your property anyway, so why not get all the services you need from a team of specialists who sole business is selling estate properties? That’s what we do.