What To Expect

Every probate and trust case is different, every client is unique, but there are, unfortunately, striking similarities: chaos, clutter and disorganization.

It’s true of every single case.

What can you do?  There are no cookie-cutter solutions, but I do have tried and proven methods that work.

This is my approach and what you should expect:

  • We meet.
  • We talk.
  • You provide me with details about the issues you face, what your hopes for a positive resolution look like, and your anticipated or desired timeline.
  • We create a game plan and check-list – together. Some clients want to take care of certain tasks, others want me to handle everything.  It’s your choice.  There is no difference in the way I am compensated.  You don’t necessarily pay more if you give me more responsibility or authority.  It’s always your call.
  • We draft a services agreement which stipulates that there are no hidden charges, fees or obligations.
  • You agree to let me market the estate’s real property and find a buyer or, to help you navigate a real property distribution to beneficiaries if that is what is required. I agree to assist you with what is necessary to guide you through the probate and/or trust issues you face.
  • That’s it?  Yes.